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Headlines from The Jamaica Gleaner

Digg Front Page Damion Crawford loses to Peter Blake
World Bank: Extreme poverty to fall below 10 per cent
20,000 St James residents to benefit from upgraded health centres
Government highlights benefits of UK prison deal
Woman dies in BMW accident
PHOTOS: What rain!
Hurricane Joaquin causes 'unusual' number of power outages, says JPS
Debris spotted as crews search for ship lost off Bahamas
Candidates confident as delegates vote in East Rural St Andrew
Flights, church services cancelled in Bermuda as Hurricane Joaquin approaches
Princess Royal enjoyed 'real flavour of Jamaica'
Jamaica to coordinate relief efforts in the Bahamas
Finance Minister heads to Peru for IMF, World Bank meetings
Online prayer for the day
Boy swept away by floodwaters, rescued
UPDATE: Avoid Benson and Grants Pen fords – Police

Digg Front Page Enter at your own risk! - Frolics & fights as students run riot in Half-Way Tree Transport Centre
Damion's date with destiny - PNP 'rock star' faces Blake in selection race
Wint the winner! - The man who dimmed Tufton's light is no neophyte
From gully to graveyard! - Homeless cross-dressers living among the dead
Gangsters' orders - Imprisoned gang leaders still running extortion racket
Williams keeps them guessing - Opposition senator refuses to say how he will vote on CCJ bills
Rain and more rain
Anthony Hylton welcomes latest competitive index
We were proactive - Education ministry says it acted swiftly to deal with water shortage and HFM disease in schools
Senior tax collector sentenced
Simpson Miller moves to extend rights of domestic workers
Jamaica still reaping benefits from Trees for Tomorrow project
SRC makes public call for creative ideas
ECJ proposes huge nomination fee increase
Scamming driving Hanover's murder spree - Bunting
Ja gets US$6.8 million to fight climate change
Travel agents gleeful over visa waiver
It's poppy time again!
No money, no deal - Bunting says J'can Gov't pressed British for funds to build new prison
Prison break - Bunting says new prison will ease overcrowding, help in rehabilitation

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