Gold Plan

Network Support
With Masaka Network Management, you can relax in the comfort that your network will operate seamlessly.
* 24/7 Support
* Unlimited Phone Support
* Emergency After Hours Support
* Maintenance
* Patch Management
* VPN Management
* Log File Maintenance
* Manage and administer all routers and firewalls
* Manage network switches
* Manage and monitor wireless access points
* Backup router, firewall and switch configurations
* On-site Management

System Upgrade
System hardware upgrade including memory, processor, routers, storage facility.
* Microsoft Application Support
* Desktop Optimization and Management
* Setup and Configure New PCs and Printers

Virus / Spyware Removal
* Anti-virus Management
* Spy-ware and Ad-ware Protection and Removal
* Patch Management

Computer Repair
With Masaka PC Management, problematic system failures are minimized to ensure your organization will always maintain sound operation.
* Emergency After Hours Support Maintenance
* Online Asset Management
* Online Case Management
* Desktop Optimization and Management
* On-site Management

Data Backup
* Automatic Data Backup
* Data Recovery

Data Security
* Data encryption
* Access Control
* Endpoint Security solutions

Network Setup
* Network Cabling
* Data Sharing
* Internet Sharing